Warpaint – Today Dear (Heads Up Album) letras

Today, dear
I saw my blood drawn out
Saw my flood run dry

I have no fear, my dear
No moment will pass me by
Why would you want this right now
When you can see them giving up?
Why would you give up right now
When you can stay and fight?

I’ve wandered these places
And often I found not [?]
Anyone in front of me
Or anyone around

Always giving up
Always giving up
Stay and fight

Why would you want this right now
When you’re the one, the one, the one who
Opens my eyes just in time
To read exactly what yours are saying
When I fit this body just right
There’s no use in [?]
We’ll just be [?] if
Holding on was ever alright
Tonight we’ll break the ice
Tonight would be the night
I’m not saving my face when I’m writing
I’m not saving my face when I’m writing

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