The embassy reported about the desecration of the monument to the liberators in Slovakia

The symbol of the Ukrainian battalion “Azov” recognized in Russia as extremist and banned was depicted on the monument in the city of Piestany, diplomats said. p>

“We are deeply indignant at the blasphemous act of vandalism against the monument to the liberators in the city of Piešťany”,— the message says.

The diplomatic mission said that the monument depicted a “modified wolfsangel”; wolf hook. This symbol “is the emblem of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regiment” Azov “; [recognized as extremist in Russia and banned], convicted of numerous crimes against the civilian population of Donbass,” the diplomats wrote on the social network.

The embassy demanded that this sign be removed and the vandals punished.

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In early March, in Bratislava, the central memorial to Soviet soldiers “Slavin” was poured with blue and yellow paint, where 6845 soldiers who died in battles with the Nazis in Slovakia are buried, the Investigative Committee of Russia reported. “The actions of the perpetrators who have committed an unlawful act are directed against Russia's interests in the field of preserving the historical memory of the activities of the USSR during the Second World War and its decisive role in the victory over fascism,” — declared in the department. Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin instructed to open a criminal case.

The Slovak Foreign Ministry said that in this way the citizens of the country urged the Russians to cease fire in Ukraine.

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