Putin fired Poklonskaya from the post of deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo

She served in the post for a little over four months. Poklonskaya explained that she was moving to another job, but did not specify which one. .jpg” alt=”Putin fired Poklonskaya from the post of deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo” />

Natalia Poklonskaya

Natalya Poklonskaya has been relieved of her post as Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo, a corresponding decree signed by President Vladimir Putin has been posted on the Legal Information Portal. She worked in the position for a little over four months.

Poklonskaya explained in her Telegram channel that she was moving to another job. “I am grateful to our President for his support and trust,” — she added. At the time of the release of the note, no other decrees regarding Poklonskaya had been published.

She was appointed deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo in early February. In this position, she was engaged in the protection of the rights of compatriots and management in the field of culture.

Prosecutor, deputy, failed ambassador

Natalya Poklonskaya has been working in the prosecutor's office of Crimea since the early 2000s. In March 2014, she was appointed prosecutor of the republic, and retained her position after the referendum on the peninsula joining Russia. After the events of 2014, Poklonskaya was included in the sanctions lists of Western countries, including the EU, Canada, and the USA.

She left the position of Crimean prosecutor in 2016 after she became a member of the State Duma deputies from United Russia. She held the positions of Deputy Chairman of the Committees on Security and Anti-Corruption, on International Affairs, Chairman of the Commission for Controlling the Accuracy of Information on Income, Property and Property Liabilities Submitted by State Duma Deputies. Participated in the primaries of “United Russia” in May 2021, however, she withdrew her candidacy.

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During her term as a deputy, Poklonskaya was the only member of the United Russia faction who voted against raising the retirement age. She argued that the bill needed to be finalized.

RBC sources in August 2021 said that Poklonskaya did not want to see Poklonskaya in the State Duma of the VIII convocation, neither the presidential administration, nor United Russia, nor the leadership of Crimea, from which she was elected, because of her not quite systemic behavior and extravagant statements.< /p>

Then they reported that Poklonskaya's candidacy was being considered for the post of Russian ambassador to Cape Verde. She was approved in October, but in January, before Poklonskaya left, it became known that she would not take office. She explained this by changing personal circumstances.

Attitude towards Russia's operation in Ukraine

After the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine, Poklonskaya did not come out with her unconditional support, however, she did not allow criticism of the Russian authorities. A month after the start of the operation, she stated that now she “cannot figure out what is happening,” but she knows that the old world is no longer there, as well as the new one. “We are all at a crossroads. Please, let's make a choice towards peace,»— she wrote in Telegram in Russian and Ukrainian.

In addition, she stated that the letter Z, which is the unofficial symbol of the special operation, represents “tragedy and grief for both Russia and Ukraine,” as both Russian and Ukrainian citizens are dying. «This— trouble. After all, the Ministry of Defense says: so many died, so many wounded. Is this joy? No»,— Poklonskaya argued.

The head of Rossotrudnichestvo, Yevgeny Primakov, did not agree with her, who stated that the interests of the agency and the state should be a priority. At the same time, he promised to draw conclusions based on the regulatory framework regarding the statements of his subordinate.

Poklonskaya also believed that the mothers of Russia and Ukraine were united by a common grief, referring to the death of military personnel on both sides and being captured. “It is about mercy, the value of human life. I ask you to support these young girls, mothers, children, who are begging for the return of their husbands, sons and fathers, or at least to provide information about what is happening to them, — she said.

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